Snorkel Club Rules


The first rule of Snorkel Club is: Do not touch the coral

The second rule of Snorkel Club is: You DO NOT touch the coral

And from the looks of it, a lot of you are not following the first 2 rules of Snorkel Club.

Seriously though, you may think it’s nothing. What could one little touch do? The problem is, you touch it and then someone else touches it and soon hundreds and thousands more touch it. In a short period of time a spectacular beautiful coral reef is now destroyed. Now nobody can enjoy it. Be a good steward of the earth and leave things for other generations to enjoy.

Don’t chase marine life around trying to get a good photo. Certainly, all of us would like a close shot of marine life to take home with you. Just don’t chase them after they start moving away from you. Once they start swimming away from you, let them go. If you keep chasing them, you will stress them out. Then marine life will not want to live in that area anymore. Now nobody can see fish.

If you are on a boat tour. Try not to snorkel right in front of other people. Nobody likes to have swim fins kicked in their face. That creates a lot of bubbles and reduces visibility for the person behind you. Try to spread out.

When the snorkeling guide points out something special, go check it out and get your camera shot. Then move out of the way for other people to experience it. Don’t be a photo hog.