747 Aircraft Sunk as Artificial Reef

The kingdom of Bahrain sunk a Boeing 747 to create an artificial reef.

It was done in effort to create the largest underwater artificial reef park in the world, opening late summer 2019.

At 230 feet long and almost 200 feet wide it is the largest aircraft ever intentionally submerged.

As with typical artificial reefs, the aircraft was stripped down to the frame before sinking.



Bahrain is hoping to increase their dive tourism by creating the largest artificial reef park in the world. The 747 aircraft is part of the first phase of that effort. By the time it is completed they will have reef objects, sculpture garden, several ships and even a building.


While the 747 appears to be a dive location, there are indications it is shallow enough for free divers to enjoy. In the last couple seconds of the video below, the camera pans past the 747 tail to a dive boat on the surface. According to the 747 specifications, the tail is 63 feet high. That how it would sit on a runway with the landing gear down. This plane is resting belly down so perhaps knock 10 feet off that height.

From the video below, you can see a diver in the water next to the boat, and the tail of the plane is not to far away. Considering the size of the diver, you could guess the top of the 747 tail is about 15 to 20 feet deep. Shallow enough for intermediate free divers to get a closer look. 

Anyone up for a Snorkeling Quest to Bahrain?


(still frames from the video below)